Australia has a unique freshwater turtle fauna, dominated by the Family Chelidae. Chelid turtles are found only in Australasia and South America, even as fossils, and so are of clear Gondwanal origin. Remarkably, as with the marsupials, the Australian and South American radiations appear to be independent, with no crossover in the relationships among the various species on each continent. Our research ranges from phylogeny, including recent sequencing of the whole mitochondiral genomes of the Australian chelids, to examining species boundaries with allozymes (formerly) and now single nucleotide markers, to phylogeography at regional scales.



Gruber, B., Unmack, P.J., Berry, O. and Georges, A. 2018. dartR: an R package to facilitate analysis of SNP data generated from reduced representation genome sequencing. Molecular Ecology Resources, 18:691–699 [pdf]

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