Posted in Code on Sep 15, 2019

bsnpsnp - Bernd's snippets on SNPS

A blog for analysing SNPs


This is a the first in a series on little code snippets that aims to support the analysis of SNP data (mainly using the dartR package and it accompanying functions).

The idea of this blog is to demonstrate how basic functions can be combined to come up with slick and nifty ways to analyse SNP data. As a prerequisite I encourage people to have a look at the current manual of the dartR package, which explains the most important "object" or your analysis, namely the genlight object. In addition to that manual I recommend to have a look at the vignettes of the adegenet package. All the code and examples are stored at the accompanying github pages: green-striped-gecko/bsnpsnp

Next to the teaching aspect I would love to have some discussion on the subject. To do so I would like to refer to the google group pages. Within the google groups there is also a forum where you can suggest additional topic you think the blog should cover.

Issue 1 - Create a linkage disequilibrium Filter

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